Dolphin Tours on Anna Maria Island

Get ready to see bottlenose dolphins swimming around Anna Maria Island, FL. In the area, the dolphins are known for eating mullet, mackerel, and shrimp. They always hunt in groups and will use the shore and canals to trap their food. Captain Mike knows just the spots between Egmont Key, The Anna Maria Island City Pier, and a few secret locations where you’re likely to catch a glimpse of these clever hunters in action.

While aboard, Captain Mike will share some of the island’s rich history while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. It’s a trip on the water you’ll never forget. So, why wait? Book your tour today!

“My friends and I had such an amazing time on our dolphin tour with Captain Mike! The boat was amazing and we got to see a bunch of dolphins! I highly recommend a dolphin tour with Captain Mike!”

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When is the best time to see dolphins?

Dolphins are most active in the morning and late afternoon around Anna Maria Island.

Where’s the best place to see Dolphins on Anna Maria Island?
You can spot dolphins all year round here! Look out for them near the bays, mangroves, and along the shoreline.

Any tips for finding Dolphins?
Keep an eye on boat wakes – dolphins love to play in them! Also, if you see one dolphin, there are usually more nearby, especially in shallow water. Get your camera ready for some awesome shots!

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